Increase Your Profits Using Artificial Intelligence


Beyond's platform allows any user, no matter their skill, to utilize our advanced artificial intelligence. Businesses can work on our platform, and receive easy to understand recommendations & insights without expertise. 
Our two products use proprietary risk - reward algorithms to remove reliance on employees to create revenue. Its a data platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses approach the management of their business.  

Decrease Losses

 Predict what future problems will arise to reduce risk exposure. Prediction has allowed our clients to reduce losses by 15%.



Manage the business on most profitable outcomes. Each situation is unique and the business should always account for ensure profits. This has increased our clients monthly revenue by 10%. 

Lower Salary Expenses

Using less manpower to manage the day to day operations, and being able to prioritize work based on the business objective. Our clients have been able to reduce their salary expenses by 7%.

Grow Your Business

Businesses can expand operations into new markets and target any type of customer using our platform. Allowing the business to scale and increase operations with less downside risk.   

Upload Data to Beyond Secure Cloud 

Businesses can upload their data and receive real time recommendations and insights on their data. The business defines their desired goals. Beyond will provide predictions that can help the business make a decision.

  • Set your risk tolerance, goals, and budget that is tailored to your business situation. 
  • Define the level of exposure for each risk level.
  • Real time analysis and insights for quick business decisions


Enrich Data From Any Source


Connect to the data at the source, cleanse, prep, enrich, and analyze in-database automatically. Business can still use their existing operating systems, which allows them to run advanced simulation models on legacy systems, new operating systems, or any other source of data. Beyond's advanced algorithms do all the work automatically without the need for code or data science knowledge from the user. 

  • Run multi-degree simulations and predictions without data scientists. 
  • Visual tools that help users make decisions, and saves them time. 
  • Real-time data feeds so the business is never exposed to risks or unknown information. 

Eliminate Outdated Methods of Operating

The two products allow a business to utilize artificial intelligence through a prediction and management system. The prediction is used to manage operations in the future, to grow the business. The management is used to aid problems the business might incur in the present, increase efficiency by lowering losses and operational costs. 

1. Prediction System
  • Receive a comprehensive picture to discover new opportunities.
2. Adaptable management system
  •  Business management - Simulations on the health of the business, which areas need attention, and flowing data to identify new opportunities.



Top Grade Security 

A proprietary 256 bit encryption system, that allows our clients to have full control over their data.

We protect client data according to global standards of information security protections, and built in compliance audibility tools into the product set. Our platform is flexible to adapt to ongoing changes in regulations. Meeting our clients industry standards for data and privacy.




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